How do I create a NEW Account?

  1. Click on Create Account (must be a parent or adult ONLY)
  2. Fill out all of the required information on the USER REGISTRATION form and submit.
  3. Check your email for an “ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT” email.
  4. Click on the link from the email to activate your new ACCOUNT.
  5. Once your Acount is active, LOG IN to the San Antonio Church website.
  6. Once logged in, you will be directed to your Account page to verify that all the information is correct. Here you can update your information.
  7. You must activate your Account and be logged in before you can start registering your children into our Faith Formation Programs.

NOTE: If you do not get an “ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT” email right away, please check your SPAM and/or JUNK folder on your email server.

  • Common errors with creating a new Account: email address was put in incorrectly. If your Account is not activated withing 2 hours of registering, your Account will be deleted and you can start again.
  • Your email is going into your Spam folder or Junk Mail.

Why do I need an Account to register my children?

  1. With your San Antonio Account, you can register your children for all of the Faith Formation Programs in one easy step, sign, and submit forms.
  2. Your Account allows you to register quickly and easily without having to enter all of your information over every time you register.
  3. Your Account allows you to view all of your registrations you submitted.
  4. “My Account” tab allows you to make changes to your Account so the information will be correct when registering your children.

I forgot my password, can I create another account?

  1. No. Your Account is unique and only one Account for each email address.
  2. You can go to Forgot PASSWORD? and enter your email address you used for your Account and press “Get New Password”, email address is recommended but you may enter your username instead.
  3. You will receive a instant email with a link to create a new password.
  4. Click on the link and enter your new password for your Account.
  5. Also NOTE: if you do not get an email within seconds, please check your SPAM and or JUNK folder on your server.

I have a new email, do I create another Account?

  1. No, Creating a new Account is not recommended as it will not allow you to view any previous submitted forms.
  2. If you have a new email, please contact our webmaster and ask for an email change on your Account.

I have moved since I registered last year, how do I change my information?

  1. Login and go to My Account
  2. Change your address and any other information that might have changed. Then submit your changes.

Why do I need to put in a Billing Address in my Account?

  1. Your billing address is used to submit with your credit card information once you finish your transaction. For your protection, the address on the card must match the address on your account or the credit card will be declined.
  2. If you are using a VISA or MASTERCARD gift card, it is recommended (but not required) that you register your card with VISA or MC first so that this information will match and the transaction will not be put on hold.